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"Fiesta Latina"

The Bermudez Triangle was created in 1986 at the behest of renowned song writer, Frank Musker. After many showcases in Los Angeles, we scored a recording contract with Warner Brothers Latina and charted a Billboard Dance Pick of the Week with my song Bongoland, that I wrote with guitarist Lyndsey Blair. The song was co-produced by Jorge and keyboardist Stephen Mitchell, who scored world wide success by co-writing the Pointer Sisters huge hit "Jump". I was invited to sing Bongland at the biggest street party in America in Miami called "Calle Ocho" which translates to "8th street". It was aired nationally on the Telemundo Network. The song Bongoland also appeared on the "Fiesta Latina" album.

We were signed to the latin division of Warner Brothers and that turned out to be the kiss of death as the Warner Brother's executives in the american division could never get over the shock that we were receiving air play on american radio without much promotion. The song had a life of it's own and I'll never forget being in a gas station on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles and hearing my song on the radio. I told the gas station attendant, loudly, "Hey man, that's my record" and grabbed one out of the back seat and waved it at him. He looked at me like I was completely nuts. It was a fun moment which I will never forget.

"Bongoland" was a tribute to Desi Arnaz who was one of the first successful Latino entertainers in the US and I grew up identifying with him on TV after my family came from Nicaragua.

Jorge Bermudez

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