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Peter Case

Peter Case, Peter Case

"Peter Case"

Peter Case, Blue Guitar

"The Man With the Blue Urban
Postmodern Neofolk Guitar"

Sometimes in life you meet people and you are friends instantly. This was the case between myself and Peter Case. We are both die hard baseball fans and this fueled our friendship. Peter is known as the singer for the famous punk band "The Plimsouls".

We were in great company during the recording of "Peter Case", as longtime Bob Dylan's sideman, T. Bone Burnett, was a great creative force and produced many of the tracks with Mitchell Froom. They turned me loose to create a different kind of folk record, meshing many percussion sounds with Peter's literary lyrics. We toured Europe behind this record as a 4 piece with no drummer and had many adventures as we drank our way through 8 countries. Can't do that anymore! Audiences throughout the US and Europe embraced this release and it remains his best recording to this day.

Jorge Bermudez




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