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"Mickey Hart's Mystery Box"

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I got this great phone call over the Xmas holidays in 1997. My best friend is percussionist Chalo Eduardo. He and I were invited to play on Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum CD "Supralingua". Our designated assignment is to provide accompaniment for the bombastic percussion handiwork of Giovanni Hidalgo, Zakir Hussein, Sikiru Adepoju, and David Garibaldi and many others. Simply put, playing along with some of the world’s greatest percussionists!

Oh God! I find myself facing this challenge with one of the worst colds and coughs that I’ve had in years. I accept the invitation and I will have to try and conceal my discomfort. I quietly tell myself, "dig deep and play good, brown boy". Throughout the day I repeat this mantra to myself over and over again to quell my misery. The recording session gains momentum as it stretches into the night. We add our humble contributions to the different songs that Mickey and his engineer, Jeff, roll out for us. Mickey listens to all the suggestions we make. It is fun collaborating with this percussion wizard. This is one of the joys of working with Michael Hart of the Grateful Dead. He doesn’t dictate what you have to play.

We pound the flesh of our hands into the skins with all the passion we can muster. The great musical performances inspire us. As we record our parts we notice Mickey doing a primal jig in the control booth. He’s lovin it. We’re jammin man! Chalo and I exchange a look of delighted satisfaction. It’s an emotional experience similar to what we felt like riding a roller coaster as a kid. Our visit to planet drum is a tremendous success and I don’t feel that sick anymore!

After completing the session, I drive home and contemplate happily over the magnificent day’s work. I cross over the Golden Gate bridge on this rainy December night reflecting on what a pleasure it was playing with the dream team of percussion! I can’t wait till next time.

Jorge Bermudez

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