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Malo, Malo Dos

"Malo Dos"

Malo, The Best of Malo

"The Best of Malo"

I was 17 when I was enlisted to play percussion on "Malo Dos" by Jorge Santana, Carlos's brothter. I could not believe my good fortune. I was recording for Warner Brothers and I was in my senior year in high school. I did a lot of other things in life early as I was already married and a proud father of a son.

This recording featured Richard Kermode, veteran of Janice Joplan's Kosmic Blues Band, Forest Buchtel, master trumpet player for Stan Kenton, Don Ellis and many others. Master conga player Francisco Aguabella, who revolutionized latin jazz with his fiery play on many historic recordings, including Lalo Schfrin's "Che" sound track, was the conga soloist on this recording. His amazing skin work inspired and affected me in a way that still resonates in my soul to this day.

To say that my percussion mate Leo Rosales and I were intimidated is a major understatement. But nonetheless, it was very exciting and I enjoy listening to this recording 27 years later and know that we managed to pull off some nice performances without embarrasing ourselves. It was the beginning of my recording career and back then I was so naive that I thought "hey I made it!". I realize now that it was just the beginning of a wonderful life in music. On a sad note, my beautiful older brother, Frank, took his life after two tours of duty in Vietnam and the song "Oye Mama" was dedicated to him on the original "Malo Dos" recording.

Jorge Bermudez

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