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Jeffrey Osborne

Jeffry Osborne, Emotional


(certified Gold)

Recording with producers Jeffrey Osborne, Hamish Stuart and Frank Musker was a dream come true as I was thrown in the midst of some profound talent on this recording.

My percussion mate on the highly controversial song "Soweto" (the song spoke out against the apartheid in South Africa) was the legendary Brazilian percussionist Paulinho Da Costa, who played on all of Michael Jackson's hits. Hamish Stuart, the incredible vocalist for the 70's R&B ensemble "Average White Band" was guitar player, background vocalist and co-producer on the Soweto track.

Frank Musker, best known for writing the group Air Supply's humongous hit "Every Woman in the World", was a constant cheerleader on the sidelines of this marvelous recording. Frank befriended me and tutored my song writing, later convincing me that I start a group with him that became the original Bermudez Triangle.

Jorge Bermudez

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