Margie Comstock, President
Comstock Interactive productions

Your CD was magnificent!

I feel this CD is YOUR "Supernatural" work! I found myself forgetting the work I was doing and reading ALL of the insert to your CD. What a labor of love. It came out so clear in your music. I do not speak Spanish and
understand only a very little bit - but it didn't matter. The creation of
emotion you weaved into your music and songs was wonderful. I listened to
Mamita Linda over and over - what a beautiful song. It seemed like all the
artists contributing to the work felt the love and wanted in their hearts to
convey it through their music. Just beautiful! I was surprised when I
heard "Nicaragua" - Something about it brought tears to my eyes. I felt
much respect for the home and culture that your family had to leave behind
to find a better life in the US. The arrangement of each song was very
good - a great mixture of varied instruments to bring the emotion out of
each song.

AND the mixing! How lucky you were to have Fred come back into your life to
do a meticulous job. I appreciate how important it is to have a good
engineer during the recording and then a creative ear of a good mixer to
pull it all together for a final product. Audio engineers are like video
editors - great at their skills but have an inner sense of what the producer
wants to convey, so they let their creativity come through to achieve the
right mix or final video. I loved how in "Borracho y Loco" he trailed the
last "loco" way out on the right side and made it feel like it was moving
far away, not just stuck in the right speaker - what a master! I also
loved the mix of dogs, kids and people during all of the songs, you painted
the music with those little pieces of sound to create a full portrait in
each song.

"Listen to the Moonlight" was another beauty. What a gift you have in Chris Camozzi with his art of the guitar. I enjoyed Pete Escovedo on the verses of Comparsa Bermudez. It is by far the best arrangement I have ever heard. My dad, who
is 81 and still very vital and full of life, needs to hear this because he
loves this song.

Jorge - I could go on about each song and what I loved about each of them
but instead I will just say that I enjoyed this CD as much, if not more than
Santana's Supernatural (which I wore out the CD and had to get another one).
I admire you for being able to produce this type of work with all your
professional friends who are so talented and gave their hearts to you to
make sure you had a winner. Anyone who works in a creative business longs
to produce a dream of theirs and you were able to do it.

I wish you much success with your CD and your career because it is so
refreshing to find someone who can bring family, friends, love and respect
for god's gifts all together and touch strangers with the magic like you
have done in this CD.

Bermudez Triangle
Are The Women Dancing
(Rita Rumbera Records)

by Rudy Mangual, publishing editor and chief - Latin Beat Magazine Summer 2000

Featuring a "who's who" from the San Francisco Bay Area music scene and its neighboring borders is "Are The Women Dancing?" This latest independent production by Bay Area percussionist/bandleader Jorge Bermudez, features the work of this seasoned musician with a little help from his friends. Sheila E., Pete Escovedo, Jorge Santana, Michael Ruff, Raul Rekow & Karl Perazzo (of Santana fame), Alphonso Johnson, Walfredo De Los Reyes Jr., and John Santos, are only the tip of this triangle full of talents. The CD opens with Cu-Cu Cumbia, a tasty danceable tune which was chosen for the recently released Columbia Tri-Star film "Broken Hearts League", featuring actor Dean Cain. Other interesting favorites include a cover version of Steve Miller's "Fly Like An Eagle", a salsa-meets-Santana style song that rocks; Dame Tu Alma and Pantera, two jazzy Latin-funk teasers, and Baile en Siete, an excellent world beat entry on this production. There's plenty of interesting music on "Are The Women Dancing?"

Bermudez Triangle - Are The Women Dancing?
Metro Review June 22, 2000

You may not be familiar with seasoned Nicaraguan percussionist/bandleader, Jorge Bermudez, but you might have heard his percussion work at some point during the '80s, either on the Crowded House hit "Don't Dream It's Over", or the theme music for the original People's Court. Get to know Bermudez as more than just the bongo player, who let viewers know Judge Wapner's court was in session, at a party celebrating the indie release of his Bermudez Triangle group's new CD, the spirited Are The Women Dancing?, which features an intriguing Latin cover of Steve Miller's "Fly Like An Eagle."

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